Snowmobile & ATV Accidents

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Riding a snowmobile or all terrain vehicle (ATV) can be a fun and exhilarating pastime, but it also poses certain risks. These vehicles have little structural protection, which can expose riders to serious injuries in the event of an accident. They also can be unstable and require skill and sufficient training to operate safely. What many people do not realize is that these vehicles are required to be insured and the same benefits may be available as if you were injured in an automobile collision.

Lawyer Tim Leigh-Bell has more than 30 years of experience representing accident victims and their families in Mississauga and throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). He and his team will help you understand your rights following a snowmobile accident and take the appropriate steps to maximize your recovery.

Recovering Benefits Following a Snowmobile or ATV Accident

ATV or snowmobile accident victims often sustain very serious injuries, including spinal injuries, head injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) or multiple fractures. These injuries often require expensive medical treatment and may even cause long-term disability. Common causes of snowmobile accidents include:

  • Poorly maintained trails, hidden boulders or low-hanging branches
  • Forms of premises liability such as unmarked fence posts, electrical wires or other hidden hazards
  • Defective machinery
  • Negligent operation and reckless driving
  • Drug or alcohol-related accidents
  • Falls through ice

Many people do not realize that snowmobiles and ATVs require insurance like automobiles under Ontario law. Therefore, if you were injured in a snowmobile or ATV accident, you may be entitled to no-fault accident benefits, just as if you were injured by a car. These benefits include:

  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses such as physical therapy and other types of therapy, medication and equipment
  • Attendant care expenses if you cannot care for yourself
  • Income replacement benefits if you cannot return to work
  • Housekeeping, home maintenance and caregiver expenses if your injuries are “catastrophic”

If you were not at fault for your accident, we can help you recover compensation from at-fault parties for:

  • Loss of income or reduced earning capacity
  • Medical, rehabilitative, housekeeping and other expenses not covered by your own insurance
  • Pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life

Municipalities or property owners may be liable due to their failure to maintain trails or post appropriate signs. We will work with professional experts such as accident reconstruction engineers, health care professionals, vocational counsellors and others to determine liability and the full impact of your injuries.

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