Surgical Errors

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You are never more vulnerable than when you are undergoing a surgical procedure. You are literally placing your life directly into the hands of virtual strangers. Risks are sometimes great, but are usually well explained prior to surgery. But what about hidden risks? Such as further injury or damage due to negligence or error during surgery?

Surgical errors are a type of medical malpractice, and can occur before or even after the surgery has taken place. Surgical errors are preventable errors which can occur prior to surgery, in the operating room, or during the recovery of a surgical procedure and can result in permanent catastrophic injury or even death. Errors and malpractice may not be evident immediately and may take some time to present themselves. It is a frightening situation that no one should ever find themselves in, but the reality is that it does happen. If it should happen to you or a loved one, seek the help of someone who has the right experience and a proven record. Contact Tim Leigh-Bell.

Common Surgical Errors

Doctors & physicians, nursing staff, and anesthesiologists are all highly trained professionals with important roles to play during any surgical procedure. In a situation where health is already at risk, negligence on the part of any of these professionals can result in worsened condition, further injury, or even death. Negligence in the form of surgical error most frequently results in the following:

  • Sepsis – potentially life-threatening inflammation due to infection
  • Infection, isolated or widespread
  • Damage to adjacent organs
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Poorly communicated symptoms
  • Failure to notice symptoms
  • Failure to properly monitor or act on deteriorating condition

Prior to surgery, the failure to adequately prepare can have far-reaching negative impact on the patient. Oversights such as insufficient or inadequate pre-operative tests, carelessness regarding the patient’s medical history and/or surgical viability, or insufficient evaluation for anesthesia can have dramatic effects during surgery that may lead to unnecessary injury or trauma. Post surgery, failure to properly monitor the patient’s vitals or failure to act appropriately when an issue develops can similarly lead to serious issues, or even death.

In extreme cases, negligence can take the form of unthinkable errors, such as “wrong site” surgeries, “wrong patient” surgeries, or even surgeries which were ultimately unnecessary.

Medical malpractice litigation is highly specialized, and these are cases which have to be strenuously defended, requiring someone with the experience, the tenacity, and the willingness to fight on your behalf. Tim Leigh-Bell has experience handling professional negligence and surgical error in medical malpractice cases, and draws upon a network of trusted expert professionals and specialists. These are professionals who understand the full chain of surgical patient care, where and how the error occurred, and are able to investigate and gather the necessary evidence that Tim Leigh-Bell will use to build and mount a winning case.

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