Should You Insure Your Dirt Bike / Track Bike?

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Should You Insure Your Dirt Bike / Track Bike?

Insure Your Dirt Bike

In a word, “yes”. Under the Off Road Vehicles Act all off road motorcycles must be insured. Off road means anywhere besides public roads and highways. That means track bikes are included.

There are 2 exceptions. An off road bike is not required to be insured if (and only if):

  1. It is being ridden on property “occupied” (i.e. owned or leased) by the owner of the bike; or
  2. It is being ridden in a race sponsored by an official motorcycle association meaning an association with a published constitution and more than 25 members.

Are there benefits to insuring your dirt bike or track bike? Yes and especially if you do not have another vehicle covered under an automobile/motorcycle policy. The benefits include:

  1. No fault accident benefits if you or any other person riding your motorcycle are injured in an accident while riding the motorcycle. These benefits include medical, rehabilitation and attendant care benefits of up to $65,000 in most cases or up to $1million if your injuries are “catastrophic”. This will cover all or a large part of your medical expenses.

You may be able to claim the medical and rehabilitation expenses even if your off road bike is not insured as long as you have another vehicle that does nave a valid insurance policy. But that other policy will not cover you or anyone riding your bike if it is being ridden on land that you “occupy”.

The no fault accident benefits will also pay you income replacement benefits if you are unable to work due to injuries suffered in an accident while riding your motorcycle off-road. The amount is generally equal to 70% of your lost income up to a maximum of $400 per week. You can purchase an optional benefit to increase that $400 maximum up to $1000 per week. You will not be entitled to these benefits if the bike is not insured, even if you have another vehicle that is insured.

  1. Liability coverage: if you injure someone in a motorcycle accident, or if someone is injured in an accident while riding your off road motorcycle, your insurance will cover the costs of a lawyer to defend you and pay any compensation you may be required to pay to the injured party, up to the policy limits
  2. The right to claim compensation from another at fault driver if you are injured in an accident on a public road while riding your off road motorcycle. If you ride your own bike on the road without insurance you cannot claim compensation from another driver even if they are at fault. If your bike is insured you will be entitled to recover even if the at fault driver is not insured. But this may also apply if you have another vehicle which is insured under an auto policy.
  3. Collision and comprehensive coverage. This covers damage to your motorcycle. Check with your insurance agent as to availability.

If you have been injured in an off road motorcycle accident, contact us. We may be able to help.

DISCLAIMER: The forgoing is intended for general information only and not as legal advice. Some of the comments may be based on interpretation of legislation that has not been confirmed in court. Consult a lawyer or insurance broker before making any decisions.