Brain Injury from a Motorcycle Accident

Brain Injury from a Motorcycle Accident. Compassionate Lawyer for Traumatic Head Injury.

Even with helmets, serious head or brain injuries are among the more common injuries sustained by motorcyclists following an accident. Moreover, the full impact of a brain injury may not be readily known at the time of treatment. Therefore, it is critical to have a brain injury properly investigated and treated as soon as possible.

Tim Leigh-Bell is a personal injury lawyer and can refer you to the proper experts to have your condition accurately diagnosed to get the compensation you need to cover your medical and rehabilitative expenses.

Skilled Advocacy for Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (MTBI), Closed Head Injuries & Concussions

The rules and procedures for recovering benefits are complex and technical. Most insurance companies begin paying no-fault claims for initial treatment, but some may stop making payments before the claim is finished. This is especially true for mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBIs), closed head injuries and concussions, which can be difficult to diagnose and may go unrecognized, even with an MRI or CT scan. Common symptoms of an MTBI include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Forgetfulness
  • Problems with speech and language
  • Lack of coordination and motor skills
  • Behavioural changes or sudden mood swings

Individuals who suffer from these more subtle symptoms may require costly neuro-psychological testing. An insurance company may not recognize these tests as necessary for treatment, which can create frustration for accident victims and their families. A mild traumatic brain injury can lead to the following types of losses:

  • Physical and emotional pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of income, loss of earning capacity
  • Damage to family and other interpersonal relationships
  • Medical and other related expenses

As your lawyer, Tim Leigh-Bell will fight with your insurance company to get you the appropriate experts so that the full extent or your head injury may be determined. Tim Leigh-Bell will work with professional health experts who specialize in closed head injuries to investigate and substantiate your claim.

For some, physical recovery may be possible after a few months of treatment. For others, unfortunately, long-term therapy may be necessary to cope with the symptoms of a brain injury. Whatever your situation, Tim Leigh-Bell will protect your rights and maximize your insurance settlement to include the benefits you need to carry on with your life.

Did your family member suffer brain damage or a closed head injury?
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